My work is focused on the idea that how your house looks is only a fraction of what makes it home, how it supports the life that you and your family are living in it is the greater part.  

image courtesy of Amy Anderson Photography 2014

image courtesy of Amy Anderson Photography 2014

My Story

I have always felt the need to rearrange, repaint, or somehow renew my living space with every major change in my life.

When I was a teenager I started keeping an envelope with a drawn-to-scale map of my bedroom and little cut outs to represent my furniture so that I could play with different arrangements before trying them out in actual size.

I have a passion for organization and for creative expression, and I'm fascinated by the intangible pieces that make our living spaces into our homes. 



Work that I have done.

  • Staging
  • Residential Redesign
  • Complete Home Decorating
  • Color consultation
  • Painting interior walls and trim
  • Replacing bathroom vanity
  • Minor plumbing projects
  • Tiling walls and backsplash
  • Organization of crafting spaces and offices (personal and professional)
  • Creation of textile items such as curtains and throw pillows
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Move in services
  • Basement/Storage organization