“I didn’t believe someone else could unpack & organize my kitchen in a way that would work for me. But she did! We’ve been here 3 months & I haven’t moved a thing!”
— Lorie (a client in Arlington hills)


Organizational services can take many forms. Here are just a few possibilities.

  • Sorting through a closet you've used for storage for twenty years

  • Migrating your office from a professional building into a new home office

  • Reorganizing all of your closets and storage needs after downsizing your home

  • Reorganizing all of your books according to the Dewey decimal system (really!)

  • Moving all of your crafting supplies from around your house into one organized and useful craft room  

I can help with any of these tasks and more. You may choose whether you want to be involved as the process happens or just fill me in on priority concerns and enjoy the results.

Get in touch and tell me about your situation and let me tell you about what I can do for you! 

Organizational services are billed by the hour. 

Move-in Service

I also offer Move-in service.  Unpacking your boxes and setting up your home prior to your arrival.  This can include ensuring that cable and other services are hooked up prior to your arrival. Move in services are billed by square foot and do not include unloading of furniture or boxes from a moving truck. 


While staging may seem a lot like decorating, it is actually (while still using design principles) all about de-personalizing your space rather than making it feel more like you.  It can be a difficult process if you are still living in the house but it is well worth it, as homes that are staged tend to sell faster and for much nearer to the asking price.  If you are bringing me on to stage your home you will want to begin the process at least a month (usually 60-90 days) prior to listing your home for sale. 

Staging service happens in a couple of phases. You and I will meet to discuss the particular needs for your home.  We will discuss what actions need to be taken prior to staging, which rooms will actually be staged, and the schedule of when things need to occur. We will determine which pieces you can do (often, de-cluttering, packing up things that you won't need until after your house sells, initial deep cleaning), and which pieces I will work with you to accomplish. If home improvements are recommended I will give you a quote for those projects and you can determine whether to use my services for those projects or handle them in another way. 

With any staging service I will be in contact with your realtor to make sure that they are aware of changes being made and also to address any problem areas that they had observed. 

The actual staging should happen prior to your listing photos. On your staging day I will spend a half to a full day preparing the rooms you have selected. 

Staging services are billed according to the number and sizes of rooms being staged, with a flat fee for the initial consultation.